Never Get Down on the Floor or Lift Heavy Weights Ever Again!
Tone & Sculpt Your Upper Body & Abs in Just 5 Minutes!
• Features Breakthrough

• Tighten & Tone Arms, Abs, Chest, Shoulders, Back & More!

Rapid Rotational Resistance!
Just $9.95 USD plus S&P
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What is the Total Flex 360’s Secret?

TOTAL FLEX 360’s Scientifically Proven 

Spinning the Total Flex 360 creates powerful muscle-toning contractions to help tighten & sculpt your chest, back, shoulders, arms, and abs. You are in total control! The faster you spin, the stronger the contractions and the better the results!

Rapid Rotational Resistance!
The Total Flex 360 Puts YOU
in Control of YOUR Workout!

Beginners spin it SLOW
to start activating & toning muscles!

Advanced Exercisers spin it FAST
to Build Sexy Arms, Chest, Abs & More!

Perfect Fitness for Everyone! Anyone Can Do it!
Men and Women of all ages and fitness levels love the Total Flex 360 and love using it!
“I tested the Total Flex 360 using thermography and EMG testing. The thermography demonstrates a huge amount of metabolic activity in the user. While the EMG test proves the faster the revolution, the more muscles fire and with greater magnitude. Combined, the tests show in 5 minutes or less, the average user can achieve a high yield outcome. I highly recommend the Total Flex 360!”
Complete with 3 Amazing Bonuses!
  • Bonus #1 – Nora Tobin’s 10 Day JumpStart Plan:  A “Super Slim Down” health and Nutritional Guide to help you get on track to a better you in just 10 days!
  • Bonus #2 – Two Specially Designed ½ LB Total Flex 360 Weights: Slip these into your Total Flex 360 and take your workout to the next level of fitness and results.
  • Bonus #3 – Full Length Total Flex 360 Workout DVD. An easy to follow video featuring beginner, intermediate & advanced level workouts. Super fun! Incredibly motivating!
 Hear What REAL PEOPLE are Saying about the Total Flex 360!*
I was blown away by the Total Flex 360. I workout everyday and it was a challenge for me. Best of all, I saw a ton of results in a very short period of time.

- Shaelen B.
I love the short workouts! After just 5 minutes with the Total Flex 360 and my muscles are on fire! If you want to tone your arms, chest and abs, this is fabulous!

- Grace B.

I do not want to get down on the floor! Being able to use the Total Flex 360 and get an ab workout while standing up has been amazing!

- Kristin R.
Limited Time – 30 Day In-Home Trial for just $9.95 USD plus S&P
If after exercising with the Total Flex 360 fitness system for 30 days you don’t feel & look better than ever – send it back, no questions asked!*
The Total Flex 360 System Includes:
ab doer

• Nora Tobin’s 10 Day JumpStart Plan
to speed up your results!

• Two ½ LB Weights
to take your workout to the next level! 

• Nora Tobin’s Workout DVD
with Fun, Easy & Effective Workouts!

Fitness System!
Just $9.95 USD
plus S&P